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Design Considerations

Generally engineered (man-made) stone comes in one of two sizes 3000mm x 1400mm or 3200mm x 1600mm +/-50mm.  They are also very heavy, 20mm engineered stone weighs approximately 50kg/m2 or 250kg/slab. 

Engineered stones now come in a variety of different finishes, polished, suede, concrete, matt and rough. It is important to know at the design stage that some textured finishes can require a little more regular thorough cleaning.

Please take time to consider the access to your kitchen, are there tight corners or stairs that will need to be navigated to get a large benchtop through, you might need to be open to having a join in your benchtop to gain access if things are tight.  Site joins are unavoidable in most kitchens, and while our installers are great a matching glue colours to the colour of your benchtop, site joins are not invisible.

Most brands of engineered stone warrant a maximum unsupported over hang on a breakfast bar of 300mm, if you would like to have a larger overhang consider adding extra support that can be integrated into your design. 

With our CNC we are open to quite a few options in the way of cutouts and edge profiles.  Cutouts are not limited to just top mount and undermount sinks or hotplates, we can also make flushmount cutouts, drainer grooves and recessed drainer boards to name a few. 

Our CNC also gives us the ability to fabricate specialty edge profiles such as the lambs tongue with excellent precision.  See below for our edge profile options.